Home Modifications & Access
"Home Mods"

CILCP’s Home Modifications & Access Services provide quality home modification services to persons with diverse disabilities to increase consumers’ independence and prevent hospitalization or nursing home entry by making homes more safe and accessible.

With years of experience in home modifications and accessibility, the Center for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania has become an expert in quality. The Home Modifications & Access Program was developed to ensure that CILCP can carry on the tradition of developing home modifications the way you want them done.

It’s your home, it should be your choice!

Home Safety Assessments

Unsure of what modifications you’ll need?
CILCP provides individualized home assessments to ensure requested modifications will be beneficial to the consumer. CILCP considers the progression of disabilities, the age of the consumer, and the structure of their home when making assessments. Our main goal is always to provide the very best modifications to fit the individual’s needs.

Project Oversight

Need a qualified, reliable contractor that specialized in home modifications?
CILCP staff provides contractor referrals, guidance and oversight on Home Modification projects from start to finish.

Examples of Home Modifications:

  • Access ramps and lifts
  • Bathroom modifications
  • Kitchen modifications
  • Stair lifts
  • Widening of doorways
  • And More!


If you would like more information on Home Modifications & Access, please contact Lynn Stewart-Krieger, Director of Home Modifications & Access at lstewart@cilcp.org or by telephone at 717-731-1900.

CILCP is registered in Pennsylvania as a  Home Improvement Contractor HIC# PA117564.

“We did not think this house could be made accessible. We were too emotionally caught-up that we could not see where things could be modified, and with their expertise—they could!” –Beverly LaVia

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